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ZL (LZ) pin gear coupling

Time:2018-09-19 16:12 Form:Admin5 Author:秩名
ZL (LZ) type pin gear coupling characteristics and application: It can compensate the relative offset of two axes, the vibration damping function is poor, the transmission precision is low, the transmission torque is large, and the structure is simple compared with the gear coupling. , light weight, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain. It does not need lubrication, and partially replaces the gear coupling. It has high noise and is suitable for large and medium torque shaft drive. It is not suitable for the parts with high requirements for vibration reduction and strict control of noise.
     ZL type - basic type;
     ZID type - tapered hole type (connected to the motor);
     ZLZ type - connected to the intermediate shaft type;
     ZLL type - with brake wheel type;
ZL (LZ) pin gear couplingZL (LZ) pin gear coupling