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SWC-WH universal coupling type

Time:2018-09-20 11:07 Form:Admin5 Author:秩名

The SWC-WH short telescopic welded universal coupling is one of the most commonly used couplings. By utilizing the characteristics of the structure, it is possible to continuously rotate the two axes at different angular speeds or large axial movements without the same axis or axis, and reliably transmit torque and motion. It is widely used in the mechanical shafting of metallurgy, lifting, engineering transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, papermaking machinery and other heavy machinery industries to transmit torque.
Main features of SWC-DH short telescopic welded universal joint:
1. Has a large angle compensation capability.
2. Compact and reasonable structure. The SWC-DH model features an integral fork for more reliable carrying.
3. Large carrying capacity. Compared with other types of couplings with the same diameter of rotation, the torque transmitted is larger, and the matching range of the mechanical equipment with limited rotation diameter is superior.
4. Transmission efficiency is high. Its transmission efficiency is 98-99.8%, which is used for high-power transmission, and the energy-saving effect is obvious.
5. The carrier is stable, the noise is low, and the assembly, disassembly and maintenance are convenient.

 BH type - standard telescopic welding type;
    BF type - standard telescopic flange type;
    DH type--short telescopic welding type;
    CH type - long telescopic welding type;
    WH type - no telescopic welding type;
    WF type - no telescopic flange type;
    WD type - no telescopic short type;

SWC-WH universal coupling typeSWC-WH universal coupling type