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cardan shaft

SWC-BH standard telescopic welded universal coupling

Time:2018-09-20 10:58 Form:Admin5 Author:秩名
Features and application of SWC-BH universal joint: It is connected to two different axes of shaft drive, which can not be buffered and damped. It adopts integral fork structure, and the bearing is fixed without bolts, which avoids loose bolt breakage and easy maintenance. It has long service life, high reliability, large bearing capacity and large inclination. It can work under the condition of β≤5°~25°. Suitable for rolling machinery, lifting and transportation, construction machinery, petroleum machinery and other heavy machinery. There are seven structural types to meet different installation types:
     BH type - standard telescopic welding type;
     BF type - standard telescopic flange type;
     DH type--short telescopic welding type;
     CH type - long telescopic welding type;
     WH type - no telescopic welding type;
     WF type - no telescopic flange type;
     WD type - no telescopic short type
SWC-BH standard telescopic welded universal couplingSWC-BH standard telescopic welded universal coupling